Can You Feel It?

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3 Responses to “Can You Feel It?”

  1. Tom OFlaherty Says:

    How interesting, and contrarian in today’s online world. Also, our present “green” tendencies make it more difficult to burn or bury a nice piece of collateral. I also have pamphlets that hang around. I hope that good hard copy does not become a lost art.

    • djgreer Says:

      Thanks Tom.

      The truth is that main stream brands still are using a lot of printed materials. Why? Because they work.

      Online conversations and links seem to disappear in the ether. A physical brochure hangs around, sits on your desk, and you can show it to your spouse. This has far more impact. To keep it greener, many brands are making sure that they print on recycled paper and encourage their prospects and customers to recycle.

  2. Making Dreams Come True « David J Greer's Blog Says:

    […] recently wrote in Can You Feel It? about the experience of choosing our Spring Break holiday with Flight Centre and Sunquest Holidays. […]

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