Collaboration, Communication, and Business

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2 Responses to “Collaboration, Communication, and Business”

  1. Greg Farley Says:

    David, I am honored and humbled that you mentioned my blog post in your article. I also appreciated your honesty on Twitter when you responded to me. That showed me a lot about your character, I love it when I find people who show, not just say, that they take responsibility for their actions. I’m glad that article provided you with inspiration and reflection. I am looking forward to learning more from you and maybe we could do some of that collaborating that you talked about. You said it correctly, a good team will outperform an individual anytime. I like being part of teams that are hitting on all cylinders. Thanks again and best wished and success this New Year.

  2. Step By Step « David J Greer's Blog Says:

    […] When I started 2011, I decided that I would commit to more writing with a focus on the theme of Communication, Collaboration, and Business. Rather than a specific plan for the year, I decided to be different and only focus on this theme, […]

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